2 player game

duration: +- 30 minuts


This game is an attempt to simulate the juggling act of a life dealing with bipolar disorder. The highs and lows, the manic and depressed episodes.

In this game you take up the role of a bipolar person. You will face certain real-life triggers that will lead you to several bipolarity symptoms.

By gathering experience you learn to write journals, visit locations and acquire the right help to deal with these symptoms.

Towards the end of the game you will even be able to overcome crisis situations.


The Main goal is to explain the bipolar disorder, through triggers and symptoms, make it debatable and to break taboos.


14 start cards

16 trigger cards

16 symptom cards

14 journal cards

18 therapy cards

8 helper cards

8 location cards

14 accomplishment cards


Bipolar is a unique experience that helps the player better understand the frustrations and hardships of living a life dealing with Bipolar disorder. The deckbuilding mechanic helps highlight some of these frustrations because you are starting the game with a hand full of triggers that, if left unchecked, could lead to greater problems. Knowing that there were things I wanted to do in the game but was unable to achieve until I had worked on my problems was a great simulation of feeling burdened and unable to control my situation. Bipolar is a great simulation and education on what somebody with Bipolar disorder might experience and a theme I haven’t seen represented better in any other game.

Tyson, the GameSmiths




    Location: Howest Brugge

    Location: Merelbeke

    Location: Brugge

    Location: Oostende



      We zijn fier te melden dat een van onze vrijwilligers, Mike De Greef, een bijzonder knap educatief kaartspel over de bipolaire stoornis op de markt heeft gebracht: ‘Bipolar, the card game’. Hoofddoel van dit spel is om bipolaire stoornis aan de hand van triggers en symptomen te verduidelijken, bespreekbaar te maken en taboes te doorbreken.Het is een spel voor twee personen en duurt ongeveer 30 minuten.Doelgroep: studenten, leerkrachten, cliënten, geïnteresseerden in bipolariteit, kaartliefhebbers, hulpverleners ... Aan de hand van zijn kaartspel vertelt Mike ook zijn eigen herstelverhaal aan groepen. Zoals op de foto aan de derdejaars psychiatrische verpleegkundigen in Vesalius Verpleegkunde Brugge.Prijs van het kaartspel: € 20 (excl. verzendingskosten). De opbrengst ervan schenkt Mike weg aan Ups & Downs, waarvoor dank!Meer informatie en bestelling via: www.bipolarthecardgame.com. ... See MoreSee Less

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      With great pride and after three years of development I inform you that Bipolar the cardgame (dutch version) can now be ordered for 20 euros without shipping costs and for 25 euros with shipping costs. If you want to order a copy, do this trough our website: www.bipolarthecardgame.com and support Ups&Downs. Thank you in advance! ... See MoreSee Less

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      The postal packages with Bipolar the cardgame have arrived. They will be sold online next week. The profit goes to Ups&Downs. This is an association for people with bipolar disorder or depression and their environment. More information will come soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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